Photo: Alyson Montrezol

What is circle?

Circle is a deep listening practice. It’s the evolved form of ceremonies and rituals held by the fire or around the round table for centuries. 

Women circles are specialized circles according to the needs of women, that bring women together, especially during new moon, full moon and menstrual days.

These are classic definitions. For me, every time I meet with open hearts and open minds, every space open to our essence, I am in the circle, we are in the circle.

Photo: Şaylan Yılmaz


With my experience at the trainings such as The Way of Council and ZEGG Forum,


With the tools we use in communities such as Arts for Social Change Jam and Guerreiros Sem Armas (Warriors Without Weapons),


With the practices from my daily life such as free writing and graphic recording,


With what we do not know yet, what we will discover together,

I support the co-creation and transformation processes of communities.

There are no specific phrases nor key sentences for me in this path. There are lots of listening, creativity and lifelong learning.

What I have repeatedly experienced with circles is this: When we remember unity, we return to our essence and begin to see and hear all lives, including ourselves, as a whole. When we look at and listen to each other with open hearts and open minds, dilemmas like “love or leave”, “fight or flee” become “I love and be loved”.

Photo: Gülüm İmrat
Photo: Constanza Flamme

A social transformation can occur only with the participation of all parts of the society.

In human history, we can find many mistakes made in the name of so-called unity. We took sides with the family, with the neighborhood, and even with one thought. While we were saying let’s be united, we did not listen to the others, turned our eyes away and did not look into our mirrors. Out of sight, out of mind… Disagreements grew and conflicts turned into wars. We’ve been fighting with ourselves, each other and nature.

However, by trial and error, we also found collective wisdom by different tools, and we returned to love again and again. Thank God!

The choice is ours now: we can continue fighting or we can look into our eyes and see each other.

It’s possible to remember together.

It is a matter of time
to become our dream.