In my name

In every moment, each step

In the smile or crying of a baby, in the presence of a tree, in the flight of a bird, in a hand, the eyes or in the words that reaches us, in the problems that are resolved naturally, in the events that occur just in time… Our journey of creation, which we started by remembering love, ends with accepting love that flows towards us from our environment, beyond our own self.

In postpartum, in the post-creation resting period, all we need -and we have to do- is to accept the gifts that come to us. The water and postpartum phase is when we open ourselves to get. After we present the world from our essence, we expand and grow again with gifts that flow towards us.

When we arrive at the water, everything we discovered in all the ways that we have passed until then, about ourselves and our environment, our loved ones, what we cannot love, what we learn, what we cannot learn begins to flow with us. Now, we combine all of these and continue our way with love, like the magicians who create whatever they want to be in their life.


Non-violent act

Thanks to all teachers who supported me to see today.

Witnessing the truth.

Getting better at each moment.

Feeling one mentally, spiritually, physically.

Accepting all of the gifts offered by the life.

Being at the continuous cycle, receiving as giving.

Reaching beyond one’s self, being the Spirit.

Experiencing synchronicity.

Seeing, hearing, sensing or knowing the path clearly.

Finding the wisdom within.

Loving unconditionally.

Feeling all the gifts of the body and the nature.


What are the gifts that are offered by the water to you?