The time stopped

The universe was born

We need to be present to see, hear, sense and know what is in the air. We have no chance to be present, if we are in the past or in the future, in our memories or in our dreams. Yet this is the natural creation: Creating within the life, in the moment.

This force exists in all of us. We are all trueborn creators. We create for more than ourselves, for others, for nature, for unity, or for God. After remembering love with fire, feeding ourselves with earth and preparing our house, our body, then we create with the air, with the breath, with love.

Some of us may want to give birth prematurely with the excitement of the birth, to speed up the time, to realize the dream that they see quickly. However, each birth takes place in its own time. We can only wait patiently for its time and act as an intermediary.

Some of us may be afraid of the power that we mediate, what will be born, and delay the birth. However, whether with or without us, whatever is called to be born comes to the world. We can only be intermediaries if we want and accept.


Songs and stories


Becoming one mind, one heart, one body.

Accepting the duality and finding the balance.

Choosing to love.

Being aware.

Giving birth, creating by surrendering to the spirit.

Realizing a dream, which was reputed as a miracle.

Synchronizing with the nature.

Being in meditation.

Being able to host all.

Accepting all as it is.

Experiencing and internalizing nature’s laws.


What are the gifts offered by the air to you?