Thank God it is here.

Thank God I am here.

Thank God you are here.

Everything starts with the fire that burns inside us, with our life, with our soul. What we need at the beginning of our creation processes is to realize what feeds and grows this fire, yani to find our love.

If we can see clearly what we love, what we value, we can find what drives us.

However, sometimes what ignites us is not an obviously visible love, but a secret one hidden behind the anger. For example, we can see someone throwing a cigarette butt into the sea and get angry thinking that such a thing should not be done. Or we can feel anger again by visiting a painter’s exhibition and thinking, “If I had time, I would do such things.”

Our anger, in every way, if we look and listen, indicates what we love and what we want to make more room for in our own lives.

Whether open or secret, all we need at the beginning of the process is to remember love.

It is psychically sound for women to feel collective anger. It is psychically sound for them to use this anger about injustice to invent ways to elicit useful change. It is not psychologically sound for them to neutralize their anger so they will not feel, so they will therefore not press for evolution and change. As with personal rage, collective anger is also a teacher. – Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Women Who Run With the Wolves)


With the wish of reviving our lives and strengthening our connection with fire.

Being close to the essence and the nature.

Living by feeding oneself and the surroundings.

Turning the remainings from the past into ashes.

Making oneself or something visible.

Releasing all believes and ideas.

Deep cleaning and opening space for the new.

Seeing, hearing, sensing or knowing which is hidden.

Starting a new cycle in life.


What are the gifts offered by the fire to you?