After we got pregnant to a new life, a new idea or a new dream, the following stage is the connection with the earth and our body. Earth calls us to our home. Just as many parents want to move to a house with a garden for their children to be born, each collective dream related to the nature, calls us to take care of our body. After remembering love, this is our first call: Return to your home, to your body.

So we begin to feed ourselves and the dreams we carry within, and to create the safe space that we will need at birth. The easiest and most familiar way to do this is to incorporate the practices that help us feel good in our daily lives. Every practice we repeat in connection with our body, such as writing, singing, doing yoga, carving wood, sewing, cooking, prepares us for the dreams that we will realize. In a way, we practice birth again and again each day. When we take a small step towards the unknown everyday, when we sit on the blank page, the canvas, the mat, enter the workshop, the kitchen, our body, our home become familiar and reliable.

Another way to create a safe space is to listen to what is coming and to mediate them to create the space that they need to be born in our lives. Creation, birth, requires energy. In pregnancy, in the Earth phase, we instinctively listen to the life we will create and begin to devote some of our energy to ourselves and to the upcoming one. Listening and feeling the invisible can be a new practice for us. However, the closer our “newcomer” is to our essence, the more it will show itself to us. It will call us over and over again, and sometimes it will remind us to listen, look and feel even if we don’t want to.

With the practices of connecting with our body and newcomer, which we repeat, sometimes for a week, sometimes for years, sometimes for exactly 41 weeks, we create our safe space, home, and prepare ourselves for the next stage, the birth.


As a native Turkish speaker living in Turkey, I’m praying almost at each conversation. Hearing or saying these magical words reminds me to trust the process while strengthening my connection to the earth.

Looking by a new perspective and noticing already existing resources.

Surrendering to the unknown.

Resting and preparing the soil, the body and the environment for the new.

Listening to the one that was unheard before.

Feeding on the differences.

Returning home, finding one’s place and path.

Feeding oneself with all gifts offered by the life.

Recognizing and expressing the physical, emotional and mental limits.

Living by the awareness of the connection between all.


What are the gifts offered by the earth to you?