Seek Your Passion

When people go for the heart -when they seek out passion in their work- they can tap into and unleash inner reserves of energy and enthusiasm. One way to begin accessing this inner reserve is to jot down moments in your life when you feel really alive. What were you doing and who were you with? What about it did you love? How can you re-create key elements in other situations? Once you’ve identified a few areas you want to explore further, commit to taking a single tiny action each day to broaden your portfolio of creative experiences in those areas.

I came across this practice at the book “Creative Confidence” by Tom Kelley and David Kelley, while updating my website. The first moment came to me was to be thankful. I’m alive. I’m really alive! Thank God.

I did not sit down and write the moments. But they must have filled into my heart that after a week, while practicing the song called “Korona” for chorus, I found myself reviving two trips from the past years.

Last year, together with Filiz (Telek), Ayşe (Gökçe Bor) and Derya (Albayrak), we made a crown for Burcu (İlhan) at Kabuk Ev İmroz. I have been dreaming of making a crown for myself ever since. I decided that these times, being at home because of the crown = corona virus, are the best time to realize this dream. I brought the dry herbs that I bought from the Fethiye market with Begüm (Erenler) almost two years ago, and laid them on the ground. I gathered other materials that might be needed: the “fire” symbol of the Lithuanians hanging on my wall, the lace thread of my grandma, a few wires… I completed my crown while the song I tried to memorize was playing at the loop.

Canım Ayşe came to Gökçeada with tiny gifts for each of us. I liked my little incense gift a lot and made a drawing to remember it. When I finished my crown and placed it on my head, while the dry plants were scattered on the ground, I realized another dream: I prepared an incense for all my friends in the choir.

Taking a single tiny action each day is enough. Thank God I remembered.

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